First Home Owner Advisory Service

First Home Owner Advisory Service to be launched in Spring.

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First Home Owner Advisory Service is a subsidiary of National Finance Corporation Australia (NFC) focusing on First Home Owners. NFC are full service mortgage brokers specialising in home loans, investment loans, business finance, commercial loans and development finance. Restructuring and refinancing of existing loans are also an extremely important part of our business.

First Home Owner Advisory Service has been established to fill a void in Australian banking and mortgage broking industries for first home owners. Our aim and mission statement is to provide accurate and industry leading advice to first home owners and their families. The NFC Group are recognised as industry leaders, with a reputation for integrity, honesty, and consistency. We have strong relationships with over twenty lenders so we can assure you the most competitive rates and highest quality service. Some of our lenders go above and beyond to get you the best loan possible. Call First Home Owner Advisory Service today and find out what we can do for you!

Commonly Asked Questions for First Home Buyers

First Home Owners Grant / Building Boost / Great Start Grant - who can assist with the application for first home owners?

Mortgage Brokers, Bank lending staff or your lawyer can assist with with the First Home Owner Grant application.

What deposit do I require as a first home owner?
Since early 2009, a 5% deposit is normally required for a first home owner. Also see Mortgage Insurance Australia for further details on updated policy for first home owners.

As a first home owner, do I need to prove my deposit is genuine and what does genuine savings mean?
Yes, normally as first home owners you need to prove you have saved 3 - 5% deposit over a minimum of 3 months. There are various ways of proving genuine savings as first home owners and you should consult us first to find out more. For example the rent you have paid over last 12 months may be considered as genuine savings with some lenders.

What is mortgage i
nsurance and how does that effect us as first home buyers?
Also see Mortgage
Insurance Australia for further information. First home owners invariably require lenders mortgage insurance as they generally have less than 20% deposit. Generally all banks and lenders in Australia request lenders mortgage insurance with a deposit of less than 20% as previously mentioned. This gives first home owners no personal benefit apart from being able to obtain a loan with less than 20% deposit. First Home Owners in some cases will receive a concession for Lenders Mortgage Insurance - ask us how today.

As a first home buyer, am I still eligible for professional package discounts?
As first home owners you may be still eligible for professional package interest rate concessions. These concessions can be from 0.5% to 1% off the standard variable interest rate of the major banks. These packages also have no establishment or valuation fees. As first home buyers, some banks and lenders may not offer the full professional package concessions if you have less than 10% deposit. A professional mortgage broker will be able to easily indentify which banks and lenders will provide these discounts based upon your personal position as first home buyers.

As a first home buyer, can I receive assistance from family or friends to borrow more money or reduce lenders mortgage insurance?
Yes, as first home buyers, should your family be willing to provide support then you may be able to have lenders mortgage insurance waived and borrow more for your first home. This may also waive the requirement for first home owners to prove genuine savings as noted above.

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Family Guarantees - ask us how this can benefit you as first home owners!

First Home Owner Grant Applications also lodged on your behalf for all first home owners!

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